Friday, 12 December 2014

A Love Letter to 4017

I never understood the vitality 
of community until I met you.
I was inward looking,
Focused on my own schedule
My own goals,

But you worked your magic on me.
Your natural beauty and cooling breezes drew me outside, 
Invited me on a journey of connection, 
And there 
I met you. 
My life sustaining community,
My contentment,
My home.

 It is not your outward beauty I love the most, 
although it is great.
It is the beauty of your people. 
The veins of love:
Even flying;
Around your shores.

 The eclectic mix of
Rich and poor, 
Old and young,
Visitor and local,
Passionate activist
and cynic alike?

 And just as the tide swells and retreats,
The birds come and go,
The storms rage and the sun shines
We ride the ups and downs of life:
Births and deaths;
Joys and sorrows;
Fears and hopes; 
Floods and droughts.

 Together we are grace
and year 
by precious year
My love for you grows.

By   Julie O’Neill
November 2014